Nature Center Capital Campaign

Nature Center Addition Capital Campaign
Thank you for your interest in our exciting expansion project! Although we’ve accomplished much in the last 46 years, it’s time for facility upgrades, improved parking, and additional educational/ meeting space. 

Our $2.2 million campaign is focused on sustaining the achievements of the past while effectively addressing the organization’s  future opportunities to serve more guests and educate more children.

Larger Meeting Room: The size increase will also allow for new and larger programs to be held here, drawing more friends to the Dunes. This area will also house unique and informative displays – educating and connecting guests to their natural heritage and our outdoor splendor.

Aesthetic and Functional Entryway: As guests enter, they will be welcomed by an unforgettable entryway that will immediately connect them with the wondrous nature they are about to experience.

Parking: Like plants in the preserve that need light to grow, our parking lot needs to expand and relocate for the safety and ease of students and guests entering the Nature Center.

Safety and Compliance: With a new, compliant addition, we can offer a truly meaningful experience to a larger group of diverse guests.

True to Nature: While making these changes, we are committed to a minimal impact to our Preserve. We are installing geothermal heating and cooling, repairing our chimney so our nesting swifts continue to have a place called home, installing bird-friendly windows, and utilizing permeable paving for our parking lots.

PLEASE donate to help us reach our financial goal of $2.2 million. This important addition will serve to benefit our local economy, our guests, our students, and ultimately the valuable natural resources in our wondrous preserve.