Butterfly Garden

Dorothy Star Butterfly Garden

We welcome you to our beautiful garden, which is located just east of the nature center building in the fenced area. Feel free to visit the garden, but please close the gate upon entering and exiting to keep the deer and rabbits out.











Our mission
: to ensure the environment for butterflies, bees, dragonflies and similar creatures is sustainable for them to thrive in all stages of their life cycles.

How do we accomplish this?

Provide a sunny location, along with protection from the wind
Nurture two types of plants: nectar plants for adult butterflies and host plants edible for caterpillars and appropriate for larvae
Grow native plants in the majority of the garden space, along with selected non-native plants proven to be excellent for the life cycle of our targeted creatures

Why do butterflies visit a garden?

Butterflies seek nectar –the fluid they use as food– and a host plant where females can lay their eggs. They are active from early spring through frost, so we have planted our garden with a variety of plants that will flower to attract butterflies and bees throughout that entire time.

We also provide a small pond that provides needed moisture and rocks where butterflies can rest and warm their bodies in the sun.

Monarch Waystation  

Our garden is a certified Monarch Waystation designated through monarchwatch.org. As a registered garden we have additional goals that we strive to achieve to provide the best monarch environment possible: we incorporate at least two species of milkweed, we use mulch, eliminate the use of insecticides, and remove invasive plant species. Look for our Monarch Waystation sign as you enter the garden!




Did you know that bees provide pollination to 80% of flowering plants? At any time, as you linger in our garden, you will be mesmerized by the busy activity of wonderful bees as they collect nectar and pollen. Keep your eyes open for bumble, leafcutter, carpenter, sweat, long horned, mining, and others! Don’t be afraid, just enjoy watching the bees going about their “buzzness”!


At Woodland Dunes we strive to carry out natural composting which can create mulch that is useful for our garden plants and soil. As you walk the perimeter outside the garden fence, you can see our composting stations and learn how this process can provide natural protection and nutrients for our garden.


Our garden couldn’t thrive without dedicated volunteers. We’re always looking for more people who love spending time in sunshine among gently fluttering butterflies and colorful flowers while listening to the friendly chirping of birds and the busy hum of bees. Please contact Wendy at wendyl@woodlanddunes.org if you’d like to help!