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Teachers interested in discussing field trip possibilities, please contact Jessica Johnsrud, Education Coordinator, at 920-793-4007 or 

Immerse your students in the natural world. As an environmentally focused education center, our lessons help students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Our 1,500 acre preserve allows them to actively engage with their surroundings, allowing them to explore deep into forest ecosystems, walk through wetlands and meet the plants and animals that make Woodland Dunes their home. This type of learning helps your students develop a personal relationship with nature, and motivates them to care for the natural world throughout their lives. Jessica Johnsrud, winner of the 2016 Education Impact Award, coordinates and leads all of our educational activities. 

Why our programs work:
Our goal is to keep group sizes small. With a group of 60 students, we aim to have 5 or 6 highly trained teacher-naturalists that will help facilitate your learning. This ensures that every student receives a quality educational experience. With small group sizes, the interactions between the naturalist and student increases ten-fold, allowing for more inquiry based, experiential education to take place.

Field trip fees are $3 per student with a minimum fee of $25. See seasonal programs below.

Photo Policy: Woodland Dunes may take photos or video of participants in programs, activities or events. These photos may appear on our website, social media or used in presentations. If you or your students do not wish to be photographed, please let us know prior to our programs.


Cottonwood TrailBill H talking to kids

Length: 2 hours
Offered: Mid September through early October
Grade 1 

Through interactive games and activities, students will explore how Wisconsin animals survive and grow. Your students will enjoy crawling through the brush pile, pretending to be squirrels storing food for winter and more! Program takes place on trails near the Nature Center. Updated and correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards. *Note, we no longer show banded song birds in this program.  Cottonwood Trail Pre and Post Activities

Owling 101

Length: 2 hours
Offered: October through early November
Grades K – 3 

Introduce your students to the forest ecosystem through the study of owls. This interactive program introduces important ecological concepts while engaging students in hands-on learning. Program takes place on trails near the Nature Center. Owling 101 Pre and Post Activities  Owl Mask  Owl Pellet Bone Chart


Winter World

Length 3 hours
Offered: Late January through February
Grade 3 – 6

Explore the forest on snowshoes; become trackers and identification experts. With some tips from our furry and feathered friends, learn the secrets of how to enjoy the frosty weather. Your students will be so caught up in the wonders of winter they’ll be amazed when it’s time to leave! Students will snowshoe only if there is enough snow. Program takes place at the Field Station. Winter World Pre and Post Activities

Field TripMaple Syrup and Forest Ecology

Length: 2.75 – 3 hours
Offered: March
Grade 4 

Visit the Brouchoud Field Station during the time of year when sap starts flowing and animals become more active. Students will explore a forest ecosystem, and learn what a forest needs, contains and provides through the act of making maple syrup. Students will tap trees, boil syrup, hike, and taste-test real maple syrup! Program takes place at the Field Station. Maple Syrup Pre- and Post Activities


Pond Life

Length: 2 hours
Offered: Late April through June
Grade: 6th grade – High School 

Ponds are full of animal life! We’ll set live traps and see who’s living in this cool ecosystem. Students will use dip nets to catch aquatic critters, use keys to identify them, then research and report on their favorite. Aquatic critters have amazing physical and behavioral adaptations that are fun to observe.


Length: 2.5 hours
Offered: May through June
Grade 3

Our field station is surrounded by forest and wetland which allows students to immerse themselves in the ecosystem they’re studying. They’ll visit the ponds & pools and explore frogs, salamanders and other aquatic critters that begin their lifecycle here. Students will learn about the importance of wetland habitats and why they are wild, wacky and worth saving! This program takes place at the Field Station. Amphibmeander Pre and Post Activities   AreYouMe-AnimalCards


Water WondersField Trip

Length: 3 hours
Offered: May through June
Grade 5-6 

Clean water is one of our most valuable resources. Learn about the importance of water and how we can help keep waterways healthy. Students will explore a wetland, evaluate water quality and understand how human actions impact waterways. Through comparing data and learning about water quality from the animals that live at Woodland Dunes, your students will become the scientists. This program takes place at the Nature Center. Water Wonders Pre and Post Activities

Year ’round…

If you don’t see what you want in the classes listed here, our staff will work with you to create a unique learning experience for your group.

Ecology/ science groups and classes are always welcome to join us for a guided visit or to explore on their own.  Contact us to arrange a specialized program or for suggestions on where to explore.

Call 920-793-4007 or email to receive more information or to register for a program.



Approximate driving times:
Manitowoc: 15 minutes
Green Bay: 45 minutes
Sheboygan: 40 minutes
Fox Valley: 55 minutes