Volunteering Confirmation

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Woodland Dunes Nature Center! We will be contacting you shortly to discuss your volunteering interests! Read the following volunteer policy below and fill your name and date at the bottom if you agree. Thank you!

Woodland Dunes Nature Center Volunteer Policy

Volunteer staff are a valuable asset, and truly make possible the work needed to further the mission of Woodland Dunes. The thousands of hours of work done by volunteers each year is incredibly important to our organization. In order for our professional staff to most effectively work in conjunction with our volunteers, we have established this volunteer policy, which may be revised as needed by the Human Resources Committee of the Board of Directors. Like professional staff, volunteer work at Woodland Dunes is an at-will agreement between the volunteer and the organization, and can be terminated at any time by either party.

1. Volunteer staff (volunteers) work under the direction and supervision of Woodland Dunes professional staff.

2. Volunteers will complete a personal information form and list their contact information, interests, and references.

3. Volunteers who work with children, and others at the discretion of our staff, must consent to a criminal background check. Background checks will be conducted by a contractor engaged by Woodland Dunes.

Volunteer Expectations:

1. Woodland Dunes volunteers have the right to be treated courteously by our professional staff, and to be thanked for their help!

2. Volunteers have the right to expect a safe working environment.

3. Volunteers have the right to expect training as needed to perform the tasks they are assigned.

4. Volunteers have the right to have their concerns heard and considered by Woodland Dunes staff.

Woodland Dunes Expectations:

1. That volunteers will represent Woodland Dunes in an appropriate manner through cooperation with professional staff, courteous behavior towards staff, visitors, and their fellow volunteers, and in their appearance and presentation. Often, contact with a volunteer is a visitor’s first interaction with Woodland Dunes, and for the benefit of the organization and it’s mission it is critical that it be a positive one. Inappropriate language or lewd, lacivious, or violent behavior will be considered grounds for termination.

2. Failure to cooperate with the direction given by supervisory staff will be considered grounds for termination.

3. In order to participate as a volunteer, training by either a staff member or another volunteer as needed is required. For the Environmental Education Program, that training will be conducted by an education staff member. Volunteers must follow the direction of supervisory staff and the curriculum they have developed when teaching.

4. Land management volunteers should work in groups whenever possible.

5. Volunteers must employ the safest possible practices when working. Volunteers must avoid unsafe situations and unreasonable risks to themselves and others. Power equipment must be used safely per manufacturer’s recommendations.

6. Volunteers must inform Woodland Dunes staff of their intent to work if working independently, giving time, location, nature, and duration of their activity. Volunteers are also encouraged to carry cellphones with them in case of emergency.

7. Woodland Dunes volunteers are expected to follow all established policies for facilities and trails.

8. Woodland Dunes is a smoke free work environment, please refrain from smoking in front of visitors.

If volunteers become aware of situations which may be unsafe or inappropriate to the well-being of visitors, other volunteers, or staff, they are required to report those situations as soon as possible to a staff member.

I have read the policy above, and agree to adhere to it while acting as a Woodland Dunes volunteer.

Volunteer Policy

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